Friday, April 1, 2005

Our Journey to Darci

Welcome to our Journey!! We are Brian and Debbie from OK. God planted the adoption seed in our hearts a few years ago and in March 2005 He gave us the go ahead. We are using Dillon International as our adoption agency. We attended a pre-adoption workshop in Arlington, TX in March, 2005. We brought along our adoption application and prayed that if God wanted us to continue this journey that He would make it very clear to us during that weekend. He did indeed. We turned in our application 1 and waited to hear from our agency. Three weeks later we got the phone call that said our initial application was approved and they would be sending part 2 of the application process. This application is the LONG one!!! There were so many papers that when I got the application I felt totally lost thinking "I will never get through this", well I did!!! We forged through and dived into the mountain of paperwork. Birth Certificates, marriage Licenses, Passport, Pictures, Autobiographies and the list goes on and on!!! Finally on Monday, May 9th I overnighted the big packet to Dillon and they received it the next day. May 25 the 2nd part of the application was approved and the home study was ordered. Here we GO!!!

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Jewels of My Heart said...

How wonderful. God's speed to your little miracle.