Saturday, April 9, 2005

Another workshop

Went to Norman to the pre-adoption workshop. I went at lunch time so I could see the meet and greet families. I want to soak up as much information as I can on the traveling, bonding, formula, etc. It was really good. There was one family from with 2 beautiful daughters and 2 families from . I learned a lot. Talked with N who is a Dillon Social Worker for the OKC area. She may be our social worker. I did learn that we are able to send a care package to Darci; however, we need to do it immediately upon receiving our referral. When we get our home study letter, that is the next major step, I plan to get a lightweight blanket and a small soft stuffed animal to have Brian and I sleep with and then send it when we can. I will also include a camera for them to take pictures. The other thing that I learned was that by going to the workshop it will count as another home study visit. We are down to just 2. Hopefully that can be done within the same week. The song that hit home today was “I Am A Friend of God” I am a friend of God and He calls me friend. Oh how true!!

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