Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Wow, they want to know everything

Filled in most of the application this evening. They want to know EVERYTHING!!! I understand, they want no stone unturned. Asked for prayer during staff meeting today. The paperwork seems so overwhelming, and the worker bee that I am, I am determined to have it all done right now!!! God is however teaching me that I must do things as I can, not push ahead when I do not need to. Everything will get done when it’s suppose to get done. Got on the internet tonight, checking the yahoo groups. The last thing I did was check the S’s web page. The S’s are from Mt. Zion, IL Small town right outside Decatur . She noticed from a post that I was from Decatur , so she emailed me and told me about herself and her family. They were leaving for in 4 days. Their story is utterly amazing. I have been following their web page as they post pictures. Today they had pictures of when they recived A. The tears were flowing. She is so precious. No tears when she was handed over to her new mom, all smiles. This is my prayer for Darci. She is in the Father’s hands. He cares for her until He transfer care to us. I pray for smiles and no tears.

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