Friday, October 30, 2009

The cutest pumpkin in the patch...

Well I must say she is the cutest pumpkin we could have ever found. This has been such a joy to dress her up and show her off. I had our sitter bring her to the HS today and she was the hit of the day!!! She is not feeling well, she has had a head cold for about a week and a half so I took her to the doctor yesterday and she is on an antibotic. I am glad I took her, I was going to wait it out and then decided it was best to take her instead of waiting for her to get worse and end up having to take her to urgent care. She is beginning to feel better. Tomorrow we will go to downtown Tulsa to cheer in our runners who are running the 15K and then in the afternoon we will go to our church's Fall Festival and then tomorrow night Darci will hand out Halloween candy to the trick 'r' treaters that come to our house. There must be a pumpkin shortage. I love to carve pumpkins but like to wait until a few days before Halloween so that the pumpkins are freshly carved and I cannot find a pumpkin to save my life. I am planning to go to Bixby tomorrow after the race to see if I can find some there!! Geesh!!!! Happy Halloween everyone!!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Fun!!

Monday was still part of our Fall Break so Darci and I went with some friends to the Pumpkin Patch. I come from Illinois where we grow TALL corn and go to the pumpkin patch to pick our pumpkins from the vine. Well here in Oklahoma corn is only 4' tall and pumpkin patches are at church parking lots or empty lots. Well I went in search of a REAL pumpkin patch and found one just north of where we live. We got to ride out on a tractor with a hay wagon and walked out amoung the pumpkin in search of that perfect pumpkin. Lesson learned...go earlier than we went since most of the pumpkins had been picked. None the less it was a wonderful experience and we are making memories!!! My long time friend that I have had since junior high came to visit. This was her first time to see Darci and we had a wonderful time together, she got Darci the PJ's so we took a picture of her in them that evening. On Sunday, I got Darci dressed for church and Brian put her little backpack on her and took some pictures. She looks like a little school girl. Oh no, my baby is growing up way too fast!!! Enjoy!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's been a while and Halloween fun

Well life with an 18 month old is quite BUSY!!! No time to check out blogs or write on my own blog :( I get very little internet time and that makes me sad, but one day I will be able to be more regular at checking my favorite blogs and commenting on my own. Well Darci is now 18 months old and has been with her forever family for four months now. My how things have changed. She is VERY mobile and is into everything (safely) and is such a joy. I am always having to tell her "no" as she is into everything!!!! Brian said to Darci the other night "what does daddy say? 'I love you', what does mommy say? 'No, No, No!" Ha Ha, but it is so true!!! Last night we went to a city north of where we live that has a very cool kiddie park. Lots of fun little rides all for a quarter each. It is only open during the summer months and then they open for one weekend during the Halloween season. She had fun, but was not too crazy about the rides. Amanda's boyfriend's children came along but I think it was just too much for her. Next year will be better, but none the less we were building lasting memories. So here is what you have been waiting for!!! Pictures