Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer Time Fun!!!

A few weeks ago we went back to Illinois to visit family and here are some Summer Time Pictures!!!

Riding the carousel at the St. Louis Zoo with my big sister!!!

From China With Love

This is my Aunt D

My Cousin C

My Uncle T

My Aunt J

Aunt J and Uncle M (in the corner)

Mommy and me at the duck pond

Daddy and me at the zoo

Well summer is quickly coming to a close and next Wednesday I will return to work. It has been a wonderful summer and I am so happy that I got to spend my time off with our precious new daughter!!! I am looking forward to going back to work, getting in the swing of things and most of all having a routine. I do not do well without a routine!!! We did a trial run yesterday with the sitter and she did marvelous!!! I was kind of sad when I got in the car to leave that she didn't even shed a tear!!! She made up for it by calling me "Ma Ma" when I came to pick her up. My friend is taking care of her in her home and she has 4 daughters who are crazy in love with Darci and I know she will be well loved and care for!!! This blesses a momma heart!!! I have been busy sewing Darci's bedding that I have put off for 4 years now, a precious friend motivated me by agreeing to help me sew. Thanks P!! We have the bumper pads sewed and ready to stuff, the dust ruffle and quilt are all cut out and ready to sew. Pictures will be coming when all is done!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

One month ago...

One month ago this precious baby girl was placed in my arm screaming, crying, pushing away and nothing I said or did would take away her pain. She had been taken away from everything she had ever known, put on a bus with a worker she did not know, taken to a city she did not know, and given to a woman she did not know. This is the picture from that precious day.

Here is our precious baby girl one month later

It is so hard to believe that in one month this little girl has blossomed from a petrified, fearful, terrified baby to an energetic, bubbly, happy baby. We are so blessed!!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

We're making a world traveler....

Our sweet Darci is becoming a world traveler. First she flys to America from China, then on Tuesday we drove to Illinois and she did fantastic!!! Brian's mother had to have a heart procedure done and we felt it was best to come for a visit. She had the procedure done today and did well and looks like things will be much better for her. She could already tell a difference. I have had some faithful followers who are anxiously awaiting pictures, so here they are, NOT!!!! I am sorry for some reason I am not able to upload any pictures. I just upgraded to Internet Explorer 8 and I think that may be the issue, I am looking on Blogger help to see if anyone else is having the issue. Keep checking back I promise to put pictures up as soon as I can!!