Friday, June 26, 2009

Home sweet Home!!

We are home and still not all the way on home time!!! Last night we went to bed at 10:30 and I woke up at 3:00 and laid in bed until 4:00 when Darci woke up, I gave her a bottle and she stayed awake until about 6:00 am when we both went back to bed and slept until 9:15. She stayed up most of the day with a very short nap this afternoon on the way to daddy's allergy shot appointment. About 8:00 pm she got fussy so we gave her a bath and tried to hold out as long as we could, she finally crashed around 8:30. We started for bed about 10:00 and she woke up so I gave her another bottle but she didn't take very much of that. She is asleep on the couch next to me. I am waiting until she is good and out before I transfer her to the bed next to me. It seems moving her there wakes her if she is not totally out. Other than the sleep issues things have been going great!!! She is adjusting beautifully and I could not ask for things to go any better!!! She is attaching to both Brian and I and is doing well with her big sister out of the picture. She does whine and fuss a tad when Amanda first walks into the room but it is much less now than when we were in China so I know that she is doing well with me. All of her bottles come from me, except for the one bottle daddy fed her when we arrived at the airport. Don't have any pics since I have been out of it. I got sick on the plane ride home and am still not back 100%. I think it was a combination of being dehydrated while in China, MSG in Chinese food, different diet, being constantly busy, and then the hectic schedule of the Oath Swearing at the Consulate, rushed off to the train station, carrying all of our bags up 2 flights of escalators, down 1 flight to the train, off the train up another set of escalators, across the street, up an elevator, up a ramp into the mall and over into the hotel for 5 hours of sleep!! Up at 4:00 to shower and get dressed, have bags ready for pick up by 5:30 am and down to check out by 5:45 to leave for the airport. WOW that will make one ill and it did make me ill!! My arms have lost all strength and I am slowly working my way back to having some strength, I think I just completely DRAINED myself!!! Off to bed!! Hopefully for a full nights sleep!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Update on Blog Access

I guess some of you are having a hard time accessing the Baby Jelly Beans site we have set up. If you go to and in the lower right hand corner is "Search for website" put in Darci Roberts and it will bring up our site. I realized I had a box checked that would not display it under the search, I have taken care of that so you can access it now. Things are going great, cannot wait to get home and show her to everyone.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blogger Blocked in China, Follow Journey Here

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We have arrived in St. Paul

We are here and are waiting to board the next leg of the journey. We leave here at 3:20. I am so ready to go to sleep. I stayed awake until 1:00 this morning and woke up at 4:00 to head to the airport. Got there at 5:00 and I am glad we did since there was a line. I'll be back on to report once I am in China.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bags are packed and I am out of here...

In just a few short hours I will be on my way to the airport. Went today to have our bags weighed and 1 bag was over by 7 pounds and 1 bag was under by 10 so we did some shuffeling and added 1 more carry on so I think we are set as far as weight limits in China. I have had all kinds of emotions today. Scared, nervous, excited, unsure (of what will happen during travel), feeling of being unpreapred as far as paperwork goes, although I know that I have everything I need. It has been a roller coaster day. My girlfriends have called to wish me well and to tell me they love me and that they are praying for me and everyone is excited to meet Darci. I just find it so hard to believe that after all this WAITING it is finally going to happen. I'm getting on a plane tomorrow bound for China. WOW!!!! Well I have a few more things to do, I am trying to stay up as late as I can tonight so that I can sleep tomorrow during the day and hopefully get on China time! Ha not so sure how that's going to work!!! Thanks for following along, thanks for the prayer and thanks for the support!! We love you all and cannot wait to share our precious Darci with all of you!!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

4 more days and I'll be on my way

Part of the packing is done, cleaning the house needs to be done, a few loads of laundry are left and just trying to relax. I have finished everything at work and so summer vacation officially has started. I will have Monday and Tuesday to finish up last minute things. Money is being wired to China on Monday and I have my clean crisp fresh one hundred dollar bills. Pretty much set to go just got to put it all in the suitcases and backpacks. I'm not as stressed out as I was on Thursday which is a good thing!!! Went to meet with our China director on Friday and all of my paperwork is in order so I shouldn't have any issues with paperwork in China. I have unloaded a lot of my plate and I am in a much happier place. Thanks for following along!!! It won't be very much longer and Darci will be in my arms!!! I will see her precious face and hold her for the very first time on Sunday afternoon which will be early Sunday morning here at home.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

6 Days and I will be on my way

Just 6 more days and so much left to do!!! I think the minute I step onto the plane I will crash and burn (Not the plane, just me). So much to do and so little time. For those of you who read this blog and are in the process, here is some words of wisdom and advice.
1) start buying things now (bottles, diapers, wipes, etc.)
2) don't go crazy buying clothes (you will not know what size until referral. (I know sometime shopping is just good for a momma's heart).
3) do your homework, reading, etc. Don't keep putting it off because you have plenty of time. It sneaks up on you and then you have to scramble to get it all done.
4) relax and enjoy (do all the above early enough in advance, so you can do this one).
I know when we started this journey I lived through others who were farther ahead of me in the journey and I know what an inspiration they were to me so I hope to be passing the baton to those of you who are behind us in the journey. It is the ride of a life time and trust me when that referral comes you need to sit down and buckle yourself in because the ride gets bumpy and it goes real fast. Off to get some zzzzz's This tired momma needs them!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

7 days and counting...up up and away!!

One week from today, I will be sitting in the airport getting ready to board a plane on my journey to China. Darci is in a loving home on the other side of this world and has no idea that her world is about to be turned upside down. Although this is all for her good. She will have no idea who I am, who her big sister is but in time she will learn who we are and how much we love her and how long I have carried her in my heart. Packing will begin tonight, tomorrow and the goal is to have it all done by tomorrow. Keep checking back to see pics. Darci, mommy is coming to get you!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm LEAVING on a jet plane

Yes you read that right, buying my tickets tomorrow. We have them secured through a travel agent, we were waiting for someone else in our travel group to see what kind of prices they got from another agency and we are getting a much better deal so I am booking them in the morning!!! Leaving here on June 10 arriving in Beijing on June 11. Still do not know when Darci Day is, but I will give you all a shout when I know!! We will leave China on June 24 and arrving home on June 24 in the evening. Remember we are traveling backwards in time. When we leave China it will actually be June 23 here. Darci's visa will be issued on my mother's birthday. Mom has been gone for quite sometime and never knew of our adoption plans, but I somehow think God is allowing her to peek over heaven's banister and get a look at her precious granddaughter. I will post again as we get closer to leaving. Got bags to pack and stuff to do, my head is just swimming!!!