Friday, April 1, 2005

No April Fool's Joke - NO APPLICATON II

Still no application packet from Dillon. If it doesn’t arrive tomorrow, then we will have to reschedule Brian’s appointment. Just waiting for more paperwork. Went to the passport office at the court house today. Brian met me at work at 3:30 and we left to go downtown. Had to be there by 4:00 pm. Drove like a manaic to get there, found a parking spot and walked all over creation trying to find what door to enter in. ( Oklahoma doesn’t know about signage) Found the building, walked in the door at 4:59:59. Started giving all the documents needed with the application, I realized I had NO birth certificates!!!! I could not believe that I had forgotten them. We are standing at the elevator and all Brian could say was “glad it’s not my mistake!!” Oh well!!! We’ll be back!!! (Our application was mailed to us on this day, I found this out afterfact, when discussing dates with our case worker)

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