Saturday, April 2, 2005

The Family

Brian and I went to high school together and met in history class. We both sat in the very back of the room and this is where the love journey started. A year after we graduated we met up again and this time the relation took off and we were married 6 months later (that was 25 years ago). Our oldest daughter Amanda joined our family and things were GREAT!!! A couple of years later Kayla made our clan a foursome. We feel very blessed to have been given the privilege of raising them. We have made many mistakes along the way, and God has taught us much as we have raised these two precious girls. We love them very much and when the time came and the little girls we once knew had grown up to become young ladies and it was time for them to leave the nest. This mother was not too happy and I wrestled with God many times, but God in His infinite wisdom taught me that we must let go and allow them to group up and begin to make their own choices. At times the relationship has been rocky, but we have continued to forge though and there has been a new closeness in the relationships that I thank God for each time I think about them. With that empty nest, this mother was not done raising children. After awhile I must admit it was kind of nice just being Brian and I, however that urge was still there. God began to work in our hearts as we sought Him to fill that need.

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