Monday, April 11, 2005

More doctor's

Got my appointment scheduled for my physical. Found out from Dr. B that Brian does not need to have the Hep. B series of shots. He was relieved. Brian did not have any blood work done as they were unsure so I got that clarified today and he will have to go in and have this done. Brian will not be home tonight. He started his new job and had to go to Tulsa to get all of the paperwork done and he will stay the night in Tulsa , so I plan to start on my autobiography. It has to be 3 – 4 pages in length and I do not like to write, so I am praying that God will lay the words on my heart. Thought a lot about Darci this morning, wondering where she is and what she is doing, is she born?? All those questions that come streaming over one’s mind and the song that was playing on the radio was “Awesome God” and indeed He is an awesome God. He has this whole thing laid out and it will all come together when it is suppose to come together. Worked on my autobiography tonight. Has 3 pages single spaced and only ½ way finished. God is good!!

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