Tuesday, June 28, 2005

We're Moving!!

It’s confirmed. We are moving to the Tulsa area. Brian and G talked and the best move for the business is for Brian to move and work at the shop, so we will be moving. I told C and those that are my team. Will share with the rest of the staff next Tuesday. I called D today to inform her of our upcoming move and because our home study has not gone to immigration, we will put everything on hold until we know when our house sells. Our prayer is that it sells quickly as we do not want to wait forever to proceed with the adoption. I know that God has a plan, and I will try real hard to keep the faith and know that He is in control. There is a reason for this delay and right now He is the only one who knows!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Approval or Denial??

What a long day this will be. Will we get a phone call of approval or denial? At this point only God knows. To be honest, I am walking on pins and needles. Knowing all the while that my God is here, but the faith has disappeared. Lord, I am sorry!!! After our book review this afternoon, there was a message on my voicemail. Yes it was Denise. Here come the emotions. I called her and she told us that after careful consideration by the team that they had decided to approve us. I fully understand the concerns that Dillon has. We are about to embark on a huge journey and life as we know it will soon change. They want to make sure that we are emotionally ready and that nothing will come between us and Darci as she makes the transition into our family. Dillon is in this with us for the long haul and that is what I appreciate about them!!! We’re gonna make it!! Darci we are just a few more steps closer to you!!! The one thing that I have begun to understand is that God allows us to journey and along the journey He teaches us things that we would have never learned had we not taken the journey. Psalms 94:19 “When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought joy to my soul.” He truly has brought joy to my soul today even when the anxiety was great.

Monday, June 20, 2005

2nd and Final Home Study

2nd home study visit was tonight. We met N at Chili’s in Norman . A lot of things were discussed and brought sadness to both Brian and I. The debt to income ratio was a concern and we were a little shocked that this was not discussed when we turned in our application 2 as this information was supplied at that time. Another concern was the relationship that we have right now with Kayla. We walked away with heavy hearts. On the way home I reminded Brian that this was probably just Satan’s way of rearing his ugly head to discourage us. He definitely got the job done. However, God was also sending us messages and he placed this song on my heart and I began to sing it in my head and it was a powerful reminder that God is in control.

Yes, God indeed is in control and all the glory goes to Him. When we got home, Brian and I prayed together crying out to God our father asking Him for His will to be done. We knew that this could be the time that God chose to close the door, but we also trusted the knowledge that He had bore Darci in our hearts for a reason and we didn’t feel that it was to close to door now. There were plenty of opportunities to do that previously and it had not been done. We continue to trust that His will be done.

Friday, June 10, 2005


Talked with S about airlines and what route they took to and back. She is going to look at her notes and get back with me. I also asked her about her hip hammock. She really liked it and has offered to let me use it. I am really excited but the wait is still going to be a long one. God is in control and his timing is the best.

Monday, June 6, 2005

The first home study visit

We are having our home study done tonight. I am excited. A little apprehensive, but all will go well. It is 9:25 and N just left. It never ceases to amaze me how God is in control of even the little things. Everything went fine. Her husband has a cochlear implant and their family has a dachshund. My parents are deaf, I worked with children who had cochlear implants and we also have a dachshund. Isn’t God good!! We will meet again Friday, June 17th for our final home study visit. N is such a sweet lady and very re-assuring. I asked her about how long this process will take. She said once we are done meeting, it will take her about 1 week to write the report, then she emails it to Dillon who proofs it for any mistakes or corrections. Then once all mistakes and corrections are done she sends the final copy to Dillon. This process is about 1 – 2 weeks long. Dillon will then send the home study to BCIS in OKC and then we wait for a fingerprinting appointment. At this point it looks like we will be DTC in August. We’re coming as fast as we can Darci!!!