Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Surgery is needed

B who I worked with at the church (she quit to stay home with her daughter) called because she heard that I was hurt. Her husband works at a clinic. I had called the doctor’s office where I went on Monday and they stated it would take 2 – 4 days to get approval for the MRI. B’s husband could get me in for an MRI and to see one of the best doctors’s at the clinic today. C called me to inform me that B was on her way. B came to get me and away we went. Had x-ray’s taken, saw Dr. H, he too confirms that it is not the ACL. In the process of popping out and back into place, I chipped a couple of bone fragments off the back of the knee cap. He felt it was not necessary to have an MRI done, since he has to go in there and take out the bone fragment, he can scope the knee and take care of any other problems at that time. Surgery is set for May 5th.

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