Friday, December 18, 2009

So much...Santa, Christmas tree, pics and Re-Adoption

Well there has been lots since the last time I posted. Life is very busy with a 20 month old. On the 14th we celebrated having Darci 6 months. Time has flown by and the differance between that little girl in June and the little girl we have today is a huge contrast. We went to the Christmas tree farm and tagged our tree, went back and cut it down and brought it home to decorate. Kayla came for an early Christmas!!! We went to Branson with friends and Darci saw Santa. She was quite okay until I backed up to use my own camera for a picture and that is when she lost it!! Memories!!! We had our six month post adoption home study and we needed pictures for our social worker so we got out the camera and took some pictures. We decorated the tree and Darci put on the santa hat and stood in front of the Christmas tree for a precious picture. I went away for a overnight trip with the ladies from our church. This was the first time that I spent the night away from Darci and I missed her so much that I bought her an Elmo. Adoption day. Darci was officially adopted in China in June, however we chose to do a re-adoption here in the US so that she would be issued a state birth certificate. I was so happy that both Amanda and Kayla were able to be a part of this very special day. After the court hearing we went as a family to have Amanda try on wedding dresses and she has found her dress, cant tell you anything about it cuz I am not sure if my future son-in-law looks at the blog and he CANNOT know any details!!! We then went and celebrated at the Ch@@secake F@ctory and had a wonderful time!!!

Mommy went on her first overnight trip and came back with an Elmo for me!!! I missed my mommy and she missed me too!!

I love my mommy!!!

I love my daddy!!!

Special Delivery!!!

Chillin' in my chair!!

A family!!!


Cutting down the Christmas tree!!

Mommy and me at the Christmas tree farm

A real Christmas Angel - Say Cheese!!!

Santa and me (not a good combination right now). He said he would still bring me presents!!!

My sissy and me on Adoption Day!!! I love her and she loves me!!!

My other sissy and me on Adoption Day!!! I love her and she loves me!!!

Need a good lawyer, I know one!!! I am sure I can get you a real good deal!!!

The judge makes it official!!!! Darci is a "Roberts"

A family of five!!!