Monday, June 15, 2009

Update on Blog Access

I guess some of you are having a hard time accessing the Baby Jelly Beans site we have set up. If you go to and in the lower right hand corner is "Search for website" put in Darci Roberts and it will bring up our site. I realized I had a box checked that would not display it under the search, I have taken care of that so you can access it now. Things are going great, cannot wait to get home and show her to everyone.


Lisa and Tate said...

What an adorable girl!!! I have been reading along on jellybean, but did not know how to comment! Thank you for sharing your journey to your beautiful Darci.... Isn't it a surreal and magical time?!

Lisa and Tate (home for 16 days)

Lynn said...

you must be home by now! Hope you are all resting and Darci is getting to know the rest of the family. I checked in everyday, loved seeing all the pictures!

Blessings on your family!