Monday, March 21, 2005

Gloom and Despair

It seems that Monday’s are the day of Gloom and despair. I called Dr. B’s office for the other letter and it is still out for dictation. I pray that it comes in today and is faxed over to Dillon today, as the social workers meet on Tuesday to discuss medical issues. Again, God is knocking at my heart’s door to reassure me that He is still in control.
I pray often for Darci’s safety and health. Since girls are often left in very public places to be found, I pray that she is kept safe and found quickly. The hard thing for me now is that I have no idea if she is in womb or born and left somewhere. I pray for her peace and as she grows that God will give her a peace about security and that she has a mom and dad who are praying for her and waiting for the day that we can come and get her and that on that day she is filled with a peace that passes all understanding and that she will sense that Brian and I are her mommy and daddy.

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