Friday, March 11, 2005

Dallas here we come!!!

We left Oklahoma City for Dallas . Brian was looking forward to eating at the Butcher Shop that evening for supper. YUM YUM!!! We took the dog with us, we were not able to get him boarded because of an expired vaccination. It was a long night. We had an inside room and so every time he heard a door open or shut, there was a muffled bark which kept us up most of the night. D told me at small group that this was God’s way of preparing us for days to come. I thought that the workshop started at 9:00 and it actually started at 9:30 so we were 45 minutes ahead of the game. The workshop was very informative and we both learned a lot. I had some questions that were answered by the families that we met at lunch time. They had two families who had adopted from and one family that adopted a boy from . They are in the process of now adopting a girl from . Most of the attendee’s were either adopting from or . Brian and I turned in our part 1 application that day. It was very clear to us that this was what God wanted us to do. I have been involved with the Dillon Considering Adoption Forum. This has proved to be very beneficial and very informative.

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