Saturday, March 7, 2009

Three Years!!!

Well today marks three years that our dossier has been in China. We are less than one month away from meeting our precious daughter. Over the last three years I have often wondered where Darci is, how she is doing, etc. Since the wait has grown to three years, obviously she wasn't even born when we started this journey. I have found myself over the last few months wondering about her. Knowing that she is somewhere in China, hoping she is is warm, and protected. For so long when people would ask about Darci, my comment was always "she's still in China". It's so hard to believe that I will see her face in less than a month. WOW!!! This long journey is just about to come to an end and I am finding myself a little bewildered at the thought that my life is getting ready to change in so many ways. I am so ready and yet so NOT ready.

Today I was at a friends house and I saw this little guy and took a picture, I know this is just a little nugget from God saying your time is just around the corner and He sent this little reminder!!!


Ava's family said...

Happy 3 years down to you too! Just think....You have waited 3 YEARS since LID, but only have about 3 WEEKS left to go! I sure hope they can squeeze Pug Mama and I in that batch too! =)

3 Peanuts said...

I am so excited for you!!!!! So so so happy and I cannot wait to see Darci's face:)


Lynn said...

You are on your way!! Start packin'!! Can't wait to see Darci!

Duncan Family said...

From another adoptive family who waited 3 years! We are so EXCITED for you! So so so excited. We returned in June from Guangdong Province.