Friday, March 13, 2009

Orphans of God - A Calling to a New Ministry??

The other day I was speaking with one of our pastors and during the talk the topic of an adoption ministry within our church came up. We both feel that if God wants a ministry to start He will provide supporters but will also provide a champion to lead the ministry. This has been on my heart for a few days now and as I continue to pray I will look for ways God will answer that question. Tonight as I was blog surfing I came across this video. SCROLL DOWN TO THE BOTTOM AND TURN OFF THE MUSIC BEFORE PLAYING THE VIDEO.

Maybe God is telling me something????


trina said...

What a great video. Yes, HE is!! Pray for ways that God will direct you. One is to plan events to educate...maybe SS classes...or adoption seminars. I think you are IT!! Hugs. Wait until you get to China ....and you will know the answer. :) You won't forget the ones left behind. Make sure you visit an orphanage while you are changing. A must.
I can't wait to hear your news and see Darsi's sweet face!!

Kim said...

Wow! I was a little nervous posting this but really felt I needed to. I too have been waiting to look into starting a orphan ministry at our church.

I know that very soon God will unfold to you a very special little girl just waiting to come home to her forever family.

Can't wait to follow along!

connie said...

Amazing video! The bottom line is that God has set us apart for His service, and the Orphan is his heartbeat. Are we going to accept His invitation to make a difference? We are seeing churches rise up nationwide to begin orphan care ministries, and may He guide you to His amazing plans for yours.

gatheringpeeps said...

i'm telling you... god wants to ruin you, debbie...
i will be praying that god will lead you and you will follow.
we started an orphan ministry at our church last year. it is powerful to see people "get it" and experience god in a different way.

Elaine said...

Debbie that is wonderful. When God called me to begin our adoption/orphan ministry at our church 7 years ago I was amazed at the need that was there. Then came Hug Away. God knows your heart and the desire to please Him. I will be praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Debbie! Powerful video. My heart is so touched by the need. I know you would do such and excellent job with this type of ministry. I will pray that God would give you direction and assurance of His plan. I'm so excited for you and Brian. Darci is ADORABLE!


Jennifer Keahbone