Sunday, April 26, 2009

What does one do while they wait for TA???

Well you run a relay leg in the OKC Marathon!!! We had 3 relay teams from the school district that I work with and we left yesterday and headed for OKC. We visited the Expo, got our race packets and went to eat LOTS of pasta!!! Headed to the hotel and went nighty night. Up at 4:30 in the morning as the race started at 6:30. I shuttled out to my leg 5K and waited around 2 1/2 before I took off. It was my very first 5K run and I was very excited!! I really didn't know what to expect which made the run quite interesting. I really don't run, I wog (jogging & walking). I began mid Fall at the encouragement of two ladies that I work with. I am not much on running when it's cold or wet or anything else, yes I am a whimp!!!! So I really didn't push myself until about 3 weeks ago. I kept the pace of run 5 minutes, walk 2 minutes and my leg really was 3.6 miles and I did it in 56 minutes. The longest I had run was last Tuesday I did 3.0 in 50 minutes so I was proud of my time for my very first race. I got a little emotional as I came into the hand off area and when I met up with my other friends!! My next goal is to continue and bump it up to 6 - 2 and keep going until I can run a 5K with minimum walking!!! I was handed a beautiful medal that I am very proud of!!!

This is a team mate and myself last night at the Pasta Dinner, our team name was "Chicks that Run" We originally started out with 5 girls, but one gal had to drop out so we picked up a guy and he was great about it. So we called ourselves "Chicks that Run and Kraig". So we are doing the chicken move!!!

One of the other teams from our school district and the ladies that I hung with!!

The lady 2nd from the left ran in the Boston Marathon last week. She also ran the same leg that I did and she finished way ahead of me and came back when she saw me and help encourage me and ran with me across my finish line!! THANKS "M"!!!

This is the other team that ran from our school district. This picture was taken the night before at the Pasta Dinner!!!
Fun was had by all and no one was hurt. It was a great race!!!!!


Kimi said...

What fun to share with friends while you wait.

I can't get over how beautiful Darci can't hardly stop staring at her.

It won't be long and you will be holding her in your arms...and I'm going to be following your journey each day...I can't wait. I'm so happy for you!


Lynn said...

Wow you ROCK!! I'm inspired! I need to do something to get into shape for our trip! I walked around our mall twice today and once yesterday... pushing Kate of course and stopping at Gymboree!

PIPO said...

Woot! Way to GO!!!!

Karen said...

That's awesome! Congratulations!

You're going to be in great shape for the Wall! :-)

JG said...

Hi Debbie! Nice to "meet" you! :) Several of my friends were in the marathon as well. My husband was supposed to run but it didn't work out with his team. I just found your blog through another blog I follow and now I'm following yours. I live in OKC as well and one day we hope to adopt a daughter from China also (when we are old enough, still a few years to go!). Thank you for sharing your story.

One of Us said...

Way to Go! I don't think I could even run to the mailbox and back! lol

Lynn said...

Wondering what's happening with you??? Do you have your travel plans set yet???

Lynn said...

Praying for you to have peace... in His timing... Keep us posted!