Saturday, October 18, 2008

THANKS to our Secret Pal

Our secret pal sent us a big box of goodies and revealed themselves!! They are the Appleton's Darci's closet is so full of toys, books, various items and a few clothing items and they have all come from our wonderful secret pals over the last 18months. What started out to be a 6 month exchange drew out to be an 18 month exchange. It has been fun and now I am ready to focus on getting ready to get Darci. Our time is getting closer!!

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Susan Appleton said...

We are so glad that you enjoyed your goodies! I can't believe that this was the LAST box of goodies! It will seem weird not being on the "lookout" for stuff for you guys! Let's just hope and pray that China speeds up and we get our girls soon! Love to you all!
The Appletons