Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Random MeMe

Danielle started this and I was not tagged but she invited anyone who wanted to play to play, so here I am.
I am not going to tag anyone, but if you want to play here are the rules. Have fun!!

If you choose to participate, you must ask the person who tagged you 1-2 questions from the list (your choice...I don't want to be that bossy) in the comments section.

Be sure to post that rule if you participate in this meme. If you don't enjoy memes don't feel any pressure to do this one. Sure, I'll be crushed if you decide not to participate, but don't let my feelings affect your decision making. ;)

Favorite movie(s) - The original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. My all time fav.

Last movie you saw - I am so horrible about remebering things that I honestly cannot remember. We don't watch a whole lot of movies or even go to the movies. BORING!!!!

Favorite TV show(s) - Dr. Phil, Oprah, Biggest Loser, Survivor, Amazing Race, Big Brother, basically anything that is reality TV. I am a reality TV junkie!!!

The one show that you didn't want to end - In my world they must all end!!!

Do you have a favorite type of pen? - Gel ink or roller ball medium point.

What do you struggle with - Being in control of everything. I am such a control freak but I think I am getting better.

How many siblings do you have? - 1 sister who is younger than me.

Pet's names - Barney and McKayla, both miniature daschunds

Favorite breakfast - French toast fixed by my hubby. He usually fixes breakfast on Saturday mornings and I so enjoy this!!!

Favorite salad - I really don't have a favorite salad, however I do like my own chicken salad made with cashews and green grapes, YUMMY!!

Favorite desert(s) - Cheesecake Factory pumpkin cheesecake. Peach pie or pumpkin pie.

Favorite holiday - Halloween & Christmas

If you could do anything - Live on the beach where it is warm and calm all the time!!!

The one living male and female celebrities you would meet - I would love to meet Duff from Ace of Cakes, actually I would love to spend 1 week with him at his shop. I would like to sit down and have a one on one with Beth Moore.

The one deceased celebrity you would meet - Abraham Lincoln. I was born and raised in Illinois and I just have always had a liking of him.

Your birthday - September 10, just turned 45

Favorite pie - I kinda of covered that in favorite desserts. Pumpkin or peach.

Favorite pastry - Cheese danish

Favorite Christmas song - Silent Night

Favorite soda - Diet Coke, gotta be Diet Coke, nothing else. Prefer with cherry from Sonic. What will I do while I am in China. Coke lite doesn't cut it!!!

What do you despise? - Lying and backbiting!!!

Most annoying thing people do - improper driving skills and not knowing rules of the road.

What did you do last night - I attended a women's event at our church, we are kicking off a receipe book and we had a tasting event of receipe that women will submit. Very yummy, lots of food!!! Came home and watched Big Brother.

Pierced ears? - Yes, double both sides!!

Eye color - Green/hazel.

Black or brown accessories (shoes/bags) - Black most of the time, however, I do thrown in brown and in the summer my all time fave green!!

Favorite color - Lime green!!!

The walls in your bedroom are - Carmel sand

You can't wait for this show to start this fall - Survivor and Amazing Race

If you could have one skill it would be - I would love to be able to play the piano. Do not hand the hand span needed to play without a struggle. (Long story, not the time to share) My hands are normal!!!


Danielle said...

Happy Birthday fellow virgo!

I am about to email you. I am going to send you a file that I typed up for my sister. Hopefully it will help.


Lori said...

Awesome list and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Danielle said...

Have you had the bbq ranch chicken salad from cheesecake factory?

Also, did you get my email? Let me know if the file was attached. That will help you do the basics. Do you have photoshop to create a header? Or any art program will do. Otherwise I just went in and messed around.

I'd be happy to help with your blog if you are looking to redo it.

Kimber said...

I love Big brother too but was very upset that Evil won! I would love the chicken salda recipe. It sounds so yummy!