Monday, June 20, 2005

2nd and Final Home Study

2nd home study visit was tonight. We met N at Chili’s in Norman . A lot of things were discussed and brought sadness to both Brian and I. The debt to income ratio was a concern and we were a little shocked that this was not discussed when we turned in our application 2 as this information was supplied at that time. Another concern was the relationship that we have right now with Kayla. We walked away with heavy hearts. On the way home I reminded Brian that this was probably just Satan’s way of rearing his ugly head to discourage us. He definitely got the job done. However, God was also sending us messages and he placed this song on my heart and I began to sing it in my head and it was a powerful reminder that God is in control.

Yes, God indeed is in control and all the glory goes to Him. When we got home, Brian and I prayed together crying out to God our father asking Him for His will to be done. We knew that this could be the time that God chose to close the door, but we also trusted the knowledge that He had bore Darci in our hearts for a reason and we didn’t feel that it was to close to door now. There were plenty of opportunities to do that previously and it had not been done. We continue to trust that His will be done.

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