Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Two years ago today..

Two years ago today, I boarded a bus in Beijing to travel to the airport. I boarded this bus with 5 other families and my oldest daughter. Four families were headed to Nanchang and 2 families were headed to Shanghai. All sorts of emotions ran through me that morning as I headed down for breakfast. Excitement, nervousness, fear, and joy filled my body and mind. My life was going to change today. I am going to meet my daughter whom I have waited 33 months to see. Tears filled my eyes as I ran into the other mothers. Five of the six mothers had children already; one mother was a first time mom. We were all experiencing the same set of emotions. One of the mother’s going to Shanghai had been to China 3 times before; she was very well seasoned and reassured me that all will be fine. I cherished her words of wisdom as we arrived at the airport and went our separate ways. Our plane was late leaving Beijing. When we landed in Nanchang, our wonderful guide was waiting in anticipation. She had received phone calls that the babies were all on the way to Nanchang. We knew at that time that when we arrived at the hotel there would be no going to the room to unpack and prepare for the arrival of the babies. It was going to be drop off your luggage off and follow me to the conference room where you babies await. Call and call confirmed with each family that your baby had arrived at the hotel. There were four families with three different orphanages involved. Darci was the last baby to arrive. There were so many emotions running through my body and so many thoughts running through my mind. Things were not going as planned. We now had to go with plan B and I wasn’t sure what that plan was. We arrived at the hotel gave the bellman our luggage and off to the conference room we went. The whole day is a blur to me. We could hear the babies crying. As I passed a caretaker my mind went to “is that her”?? The pictures we receive are usually very old so it was very hard to tell if it really was her. Keep in mind the only pictures I got were when she was about 7 months old and she was now 14 months old. The caretaker was just walking her around, no tears, it was a very fast ushering in so there was no time for me to linger and make sure that it was her.

Our names were read and this child whom I have waited for so long was placed in my arms. Oh the joy and elation of that moment is one I will not forget anytime soon.

However the joy and elation that I had was not shared by Darci. Her world had been turned upside down and she was being handed to a woman who did not look like her, smell like her, speak like her and she wanted NOTHING to do with me.

After a few minutes of asking her routine, feeding schedule, what she likes and dislikes it became very apparent that I needed to take Darci away from this mass confusion. I took her to our room while Amanda stayed to get all of the fine details (which I quickly discovered really didn’t matter). The mother instinct quickly engaged and I knew when to feed her, what to feed her, when to change her and what to do to soothe her. When Amanda got to the room she told me that I needed to go back down to the conference room to take care of some paperwork. Not thinking about the consequences I went down to take care of the necessary paperwork and left Darci with Amanda. Bonding had taken place and Darci wanted nothing to do with me. We were very careful that only I fed her and changed her and did as much of the primary care that needed to be done, however Amanda had to be within eyeshot. Being able to see Amanda gave her comfort as I took care of things. Darci did very well. That night I gave her a bottle and off to bed she went. No tears, which was a blessing. She slept in a mini crib that we were able to put in between both beds. Every couple of hours she would stir and I would pat her and off to sleep she would go.

The next morning it was as if she woke up and said "these ladies are still here??" Our day was a very busy day filled with going to the Adoption Center to finalize the adoption. We got Darci ready and the smiles came out and she was warming up to the fact that we were not leaving and she was not going back to the life she had known for 14 months.

She had no idea when she woke that morning that her entire world was about to change. She had been found and taken to the Fengcheng orphanage. After her initial exam she was placed in Foster care the next day. We do not have much information but know that she was very well taken care of and very loved. We are very thankful to Chin@ and to the orphanage and her foster mother for the love they gave her. Darci is a very well adjusted child and we thank God every day for allowing us to be her parents!! Happy 2nd Forever Family Day Darci!!!!

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