Sunday, January 3, 2010

A look back at 2009

In January Brian's aunt passed away and we headed back to Illinois for the funeral. Brian's grandfather was ill and had been diagnosed with inoperable cancer. Such a sad month, however on the 30th Brian and I celebrated 27 years of marriage.

Brian and his grandfather (Sadly his grandfather died in April)

This visit also gave us the opportunity to visit with family members that we had not seen in quite sometime.

This is Brian's brother, sister-in-law and niece

Since we were back in Illinois we got to spend some precious time with Kayla

February rolled around and I had a surprise birthday dinner for Brian. You see Brian is very hard to surprise. He always guesses his presents before he opens them and he is always right. So for me to pull this off was quite a feat. He dropped me off at the door, I had already planned for everyone to be there before we got there. Amanda coordinated everyone at the restaurant. When he came in since he found me waiting he thought that maybe I had not lied to him and there was no birthday surprise. So we walked over to the table where everyone had menus in front of their faces and then all said "Happy Birthday" he was quite shocked!!! I finally scored!!! It was a wonderful evening with wonderful friends!!!

March brought our 3 year wait for Darci. It was painful but we knew that April would bring our referral and Darci's face we would see.

April we finally have our referral and what a beautiful daughter God has granted us.

Seeing her precious face for the first time

Darci turned a year old on April 11 and the girls I work for held a birthday party for her.

Since I was in waiting mode I decided to run in the OKC Marathon. No I did not run a marathon!!!! I ran with a relay team. I ran one of the 5K legs and it was so much fun!!!

My first marathon

The back of the shirt that I designed

Our relay team

May brought travel approval, I had called our agency on the 27 and there was no word, but May 29 brought a wonderful birthday present for one of the mothers in our group as we received TA. We would leave for China around June 10 or 11.

June - We left the airport on June 10 to travel all the way to China to get our precious Darci.

Getting Darci

On US soil!!!

July is spent meeting relatives for the first time.

Meeting me big sister Kayla.

Meeting grandparents. (Brian's mom was in the hospital, so we don't have good pictures of her first visit with them)

Meeting aunts, uncles and cousins.

August brings Mom going back to work and Darci going to childcare. Growing, playing and going to a kiddie park for the first time.

September brings more growing and grandpa and grandma come for a visit.

October brings a trip to Silver Dollar City, the pumpkin patch, first weiner roast, Halloween and one cute pumpkin.

November brings tagging our Christmas tree and Thanksgiving (no big dinner this year!!!)

December = Darci becoming an offical "Roberts'" and CHRISTmas

What a year!!! Cannot wait to see what 2010 brings!!


Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Great recap! Love the photos!

M's Mama said...

Love it! What a year! I to can't wait to see what 2010 brings!

Just Me said...

Love the year's recap! Great pics.

Anonymous said...

what an amazing year. I am so thankful you shared it with us. It seems like time has flown since you brought her home. the year before was probably one of the slowest years in life! We're on standby just waiting for our social worker to update our home study and then we should be on the waiting list for Korea. We are soooo excited. take care. SAL

Simply Me said...

just found your blog, Love it! New follower!!

Hoots Momma said...

Debbie, I'm back on the blog... you better come follow me! Darci is just still so precious! What a year!

Anonymous said...

I have found your blog surfing through the net and I’m impressed with your beautiful children! This blog will be a wonderful memory for them. And for you! Mine have grown up a little. My 3º one, Jesús already has his own blog; he is a soccer lover and is excited when he receives visits all around the world. Do you want to visit it? Here it is:

sarinlife said...

Her smile is amazing! we are starting the process of adoption and are waiting on a little girl from haiti....this blog is so precious..praise God for your blessing!

la.leche said...

Oh miii, she's so adorableeee! :)

Serenity Augustine said...

she's so cute :)