Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Six days

We can offically mark off six more days leaving us 20 more referral days before we see Darci's sweet face. I still hopeful that we will see her precious face in December, however I know that will take a lot and probably will not happen. If they do six days then it will probably be February. What a wonderful birthday present for Brian. If they do 9 days the it will be January, a wonderful anniversary present as we will celebrate 27 years of marriage. This is all in God's hands and I have stated that time and time again and we will go when He deems it time to go!! It's getting closer!!!

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David said...

I saw our pictures from our PineCove cropping trip the other day and remembered our discussions of adoption! You are closer today than you were yesterday no matter how you look at it!!!!!!
Shelly Cline