Monday, July 7, 2008


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Well it has been 28 long months since our paperwork was officially logged in. This does not include the 1 year of gathering paperwork to have our dossier in complete order for our agency. With the looming thought that it could very well be another year before we see our sweet Darci's face I am holding out hope that we may have a wonderful Christmas gift. All in all I have said it a million times and will probably say it a million more times before we have Darci home, and that is, this JOURNEY is in God's hands. He placed us on this journey and when the perfect time comes, we will go get her. Although there were many times I would have like to have gone and been back, that was not part of God's plan. His Word clearly states that His timing is not our timing. The excitment of the wait has long passed and redoing this or that has lost its excitment. When we had to be fingerprinted again and re-apply for our I-171 there was no joy, it was just one more thing to do. No waiting in anticipation of that I-171 like we did the first go round. That light at the end of the tunnel was so small one could barely see it. However, it now seems that light is slowly getting bigger. I draw my strength from the Lord who placed me on this journey and reminds me this is ALL in HIS HANDS. So you see Darci, mommy and daddy are waiting patiently to come and get you. We love you with all of our hearts and cannot wait until we see your face for the first time. You are a member of this family, we talk about you often, we dream of the day we will be united as a family. Your heavenly father is watching out for you and He is keeping you protected until that time. So please know this, as we long to hold you, long to see your beautiful eyes, ears, lips and nose, we know that your mother longs to see those beautiful eyes, ears, lips and nose just one more time. She has made the most precious sacrifice a mother can make. As a Christian I compare it to the most precious gift our heavenly father gave. He gave us His son. Your mother gave us a daughter. Know that we will always love you like we love A & K. We will never leave you. WE LOVE YOU DARCI!!! Still waiting and will continue to wait until we are FOREVER UNITED!!!

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sea star said...

28 months closer...who would have ever imagined???