Sunday, November 4, 2007

What a Weekend!!!

What a weekend!!!! Starting by leaving home around 12:45 on Friday with 3 other friends. We then headed to OKC to check in at our hotel and get keys. Went here to eat. YUMMY!!!!!! I love the pumkin cheesecake and it is only available in the fall season, so you bet I had a whole piece to myself!!!! Then it was off to the mall to shop!!!! Bought this and a pair of shoes. Then it was off to the Ford Center for an exciting evening. Bed time was early since we were all very tired and then it was up at 7:00 for breakfast and then off for a full day of enlighting stories, music and drama. Remember this?? She did it again and it was just as good in person as it is here. If you have never attended one of these conference, you need to give it a shot at least once. I've been hooked for years. The speakers, musicians and drama's are all FANTASTIC!!! I have yet to attend one of these conferences and walk disappointed, it just hasn't happend and I don't think it ever will!!!!

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sea star said...

You will never walk away disappointed. They are all amazing conferences, it's a whole lot of estrogen!