Sunday, October 7, 2007

Today I Wait; Today I Live

Today I Wait
I wait for tomorrow.
I wait for the day I see Darci's face.
I wait for Christmas.
I wait to see friends.
I wait on God.
I wait for answers to prayer.

Today I Live.
I live for today.
I live for the day I see Darci's face.
I live for the holiday's.
I live to enjoy friends.
I live to please my God.
I live because of answered prayers.


kris said...

Yes. Beautiful.

Lynn said...

Perfectly put... congrats on 19 months, I'm right behind you! Lead on sister!

coco said...


Hang in there. If you ever need a shoulder or an ear I am here.


Jeter Mama said...

very pretty.
thanks for the sweet comment on my blog.
feeling down and out stinks - I'm not used to it.

australialovers said...

I love this poem. Can I put it on my blog? What a wonderful reminder that we need to wait.