Sunday, July 8, 2007

Home Sweet Home!!

We made it to Wisconsin and now we are back home!!! The reception was over about 8:15 and by the time we unloaded everything at the house and I was comfy cozy on the couch watching TV and just about to la la land, Amanda announces that she doesn't want to sleep on the couch again and could we just drive home now!! Mind you it is about an 11 hour drive. She says "I'll drive" She is the night owl and I am the sleepy owl!! So at 10:00 pm we are fueled up and ready to hit the road. I drove (a little over an hour) to I-35 and she took over and drove to Des Moine. We got more gas and I drove for about 2 hours and pulled off at a rest stop, couldn't go any further. After aout 5 minutes Amanda says she can drive so away we go!! She drove for about 4 hours and woke me up and asked if I could drive, so we change again and away we go. We arrived at home at 8:45 am and were we dog dead tired!!!

Here is the bride and Amanda. Best friends for a very long

Amanda and Mom!!! Can you say DIET??? (for mom!!)

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Melissa said...

I am just dieing over that first photo!!!!
I don't know how anyone can drive through the night. I would have crashed!!!