Monday, May 28, 2007

We are out of the Review Room

The CCAA (Chinese Center for Adoption Affairs) has finished reviewing all dossiers (official paperwork and application) that were LID (Log In Date - the date that China offically recieved our dossier) March 22, 2006. We were LID March 7, 2006. So what does this mean?? It means that now our paperworks goes to the matching room and our paperwork will remain there until a baby is matched with our application. The CCAA just placed babies with those families whose dossiers were logged in as of October 13, 2005. What this means now for us is that we will continue to wait!!!!! We have the rest of October, all of November, December, January and February to be placed before it is our turn. We are so thankful and blessed that God is in control of this whole situation. At this point, I am thinking probably June when we will see our sweet Darci's face.

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