Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The "Dossier"

Many may ask what a dossier is. It is all the official documents that go to requesting our permission to adopt a child from their country. What's in the dossier? LOTS and LOTS of paperwork.

Marriage License, Birth Certificates, Divorce decree (if there has been a divorce), State background check on both parents, Local police clearance, Autobiography from both parents, Physical's and supporting letters from doctor regarding any illness currently being treated for, Official paperwork from the US government, Pictures from your passport, Home study, Pictures of the house, pictures of both parents, Letter from parents requesting to adopt from their country and any paperwork associated to any previous arrests.

All of this is compiled, sent for state authentication, the sent to the Chinese consulate for authentication and then our agency send the dossier to an agency in who then translates all of the documents into Chinese, and then the dossier is sent to CCAA ( China Center for Adoption Affairs). The clearing house for all international adoptions in . They are located in Beijing .

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