Wednesday, September 3, 2003

How it all began

Around September 2003 - God began to plant a seed within our hearts to look at adding to our family. Amanda and Kayla were living in Illinois and it was just Brian and I here in Oklahoma City . We began to look at many different avenues and which direction God wanted us to take. Many doors were immediately closed as we felt this was not the direction God was taking us. Foreign adoption kept coming to the fore front. There were two couples in our church that were doing foreign adoption and the beginning of their journey intrigued me. Brian and I began talking in this direction; however, money seemed to be the stopping factor. This desire began to lay dormant for a time. When our friends received their pictures the desire came alive and again Brian and I were talking about where God was leading us. August came and the journey to was ever close and watching these families get ready for their trip was most exciting for me. To see the joy expressed on their faces as each day drew closer was overwhelming. Then the arrival day came, September 2, 2004 home at last for K and E. Oh what a joy!!! To see these lovely girls and the families that loved them enough to go half way around the world to rescue them from a life of unknowns. At that point, God began to speak to Brian and I about what direction to take and it became very clear to us that God too wanted us to rescue a precious little girl from . We began to talk about adoption more seriously.

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